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The President's Corner

Pete Rasche 

I would like to thank everyone, both individually and corporately, who reached out after reading last month’s newsletter with kind words and offers to help.  It was a difficult letter to write.  However, I’m very proud to say that things are looking up!  There are BIG CHANGES going on, so please read on to find out what we are going to do.

As I mentioned last month, the Board of Governors of the Cincinnati Chapter was not going to let our issues go unresolved.  I would like to personally thank all of the members ("Officers" tab above!) who went through the tough process of making the changes necessary to keep us solvent and keep us going.  And we believe we have come up with a solution that will not only keep us going, but possibly make us stronger and more vibrant than ever.

First off, we have cut our ties with the Quality Hotel (formerly Crowne Plaza) in Blue Ash.  Our meetings will no longer be held at the hotel in Blue Ash, but will instead rotate to various venues every month.  The meetings will be hosted at either engineering firms in town, or other venues we can obtain which do not require large rental fees.  I’m happy to say that we already have the February and March spaces booked, and we are very close to booking April as well.  While some may find that a few of the locations are a longer drive than Blue Ash, we also know that they’ll be closer to other folks who may have found Blue Ash too far in the past.  You can’t please everyone, but we’re hoping for a wider variety of attendance as we move around town.  Many other chapters are successful using this model. 

Second, lunches will be a bit different.  Since we are trying different venues and everyone has favorite catering places in their area, we’ll get a variety of foods.  While the hotel food was reliably good (and I know everyone will miss the carrot cake), we’ll be mixing it up in the future, and it should be fun.  We will always make sure we have a vegetarian option (likely a salad of some sort).  If you have any other dietary restrictions which you would like us to attempt to accommodate, feel free to shoot me an email and let me know.  As I said above, unfortunately you can’t please everyone all the time, but we’ll do our best to keep most of you happy! 

Third, and this is another biggie – we are looking for lunch sponsors (presumably companies) to cover the cost of the food.  We already have a sponsor for our February lunch, but we are looking for a sponsor for March and April!  Sponsors may be engineering firms, sales representative/vendor companies, or any other entity interested in helping.  Please know that this is not in violation of ASHRAE policy.  Many other chapters have been having lunch sponsors for years now.  We can assure you that the sponsors will not have any “unfair” representation within the speaker presentations themselves, which is where the ASHRAE “neutrality” rules apply. 

And finally, the best news of all: because we intend on having events at locations where there is no rental fee, and because we will (hopefully) be having our food sponsored, the monthly cost of our meetings is dropping!  We’ll be able to provide you with the food, networking, continuing education, and social aspects you’ve always had at ASHRAE meetings, but for only slightly more than a lunch at a fast food restaurant these days!  Not a bad deal, right?  We are also making attendance at our lunches FREE for current college students. 

The caveat?  There will no longer be walk-ups allowed.  Because we will be having lunches ordered ahead of time from a caterer, everyone who wishes to attend will need to pre-register (or fully pre-pay) through the Eventbrite link.  The deadline will (typically) be the prior Friday afternoon - check Page 3 to confirm. 

So… what’s the first event of this new, wild frontier into which we’re heading? 


See Page 3 (link below this letter!) for information,

including the link to pay/register.


(My intention is for Page 3 to always be dedicated to the lunch itself, with all the information you need.) 

Interested in sponsoring a lunch?  Your name will be listed in this newsletter (on page 3) and you’ll receive special recognition before and after the lunch presentation.  Contact me at the email address below.   

Interested in providing a venue (minimum 60 seats, preferably with A/V already existing)?  Contact me at the email address below.   Note: we have made the decision that meetings will not be hosted at sales/vendor sites, only engineering firms or other non-industry-related sites.  We feel this is best for “neutrality.” 

As we debuted last month, Page Four of our newsletter includes a list of our donors. We'd love to add your name to the list, whether it be a donation online through the ASHRAE.org or a direct donation to our Chapter.  See information at the bottom of page four to donate! 

As always, I am open to your comments, suggestions, and thoughts.  Let me know what you think.  We, the board, are here to serve you.

Thanks again, and I hope to see you at the new venues in the coming months! 

Pete Rasche - prasche@pedcoea.com - (513) 919-8796