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The President's Corner

Pete Rasche 



Well, I can barely believe it, but my time as your Cincinnati ASHRAE Chapter President is coming to an end.  Time sure has flown.  I find myself looking back at this past year and feeling proud of the state of our current Chapter… not due to anything I did myself but due to the hard work, dedication, competence, and confidence of our outstanding Board of Directors.  If you don’t know them, please see all their names on the right.  More about them later…

I’m happy to say that, even though the ASHRAE year is effectively coming to an end, we have two exciting last-minute announcements.  One, is we have filled the last remaining Chapter seat, that of GAC (Government Affairs Committee Chair)! We are pleased to welcome Seth Rothey to the position.  Seth previously worked in Michigan and in fact, started the GAC position for the Detroit Chapter; so not only have we gotten off the ground, but we have someone with experience in doing just that.  Welcome Seth, and we’re excited to see what good you can bring next year!

The other big announcement is a change the Board has been debating and discussing for some time, and while it may sound unusual, it is more in line with what several other chapters in the region do.  Starting next year (effective July 1st, 2019), our Cincinnati Chapter dues will increase to $50 per person.  This is a $15/year increase over previous years.  Why the increase?  Because our monthly meeting lunches will now be FREE for all members and students.  We will charge a fee for non-members and will continue to count on the generosity of lunch meeting sponsors as we did these past few months,but ASHRAE members in good standing, as well as current students and student members, will be free at all lunch meetings.  We hope this will help drive more folks to attend, as well as encouraging more people to become members.

This past month, we had the fun of two great events in a two week span.  On May 13th, 120 people (THIRTY foursomes!) braved an unusually cold and windy day (but at least the rain stayed away) to hit the links at Wetherington and enjoy the company of fellow ASHRAE members and guests in the name of ASHRAE Research Promotion.  Thanks to all our sponsors (too many to list here!), and congrats to Brandon Parker’s team from Ketchum & Walton who posted the top score on the day.

Then this past weekend on May 25th, we took to the Cincinnati Zoo for the first annual Family Day at the Zoo.  Our raffle and informational tables had a prime location right at the Zoo entrance and offered us a great opportunity to educate visitors about what we do while also raising money.  We then enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of the Hippo Habitat pump facility.

As we have said each month, we are already taking reservations for sponsorships of lunches and providing of venues for next year…

Interested in sponsoring a lunch?

Interested in providing a venue (minimum 60 seats, preferably with A/V already existing)?

Contact me at the email address below.

Note: we have made the decision that meetings will not be hosted at sales/vendor sites, only engineering firms or other non-industry-related sites.  We feel this is best for “neutrality.”


Be sure to see Page Three in our latest newsletter to see our list of donors for the year.  IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THAT LIST!  We'd love to add you, whether it be a donation online through ASHRAE.org or a direct donation to our Chapter.  See information at the bottom of the page to donate today!

In closing…

I know I’m clearly biased, but I feel I’m leaving behind what may be the strongest Board this chapter has had in a long, long time.  Not only are those involved volunteering their time and effort to grow our chapter, but they’re even growing our Board; for the first time in a long time, our Board Chairs have subcommittees forming to help out (many people don’t even realize this is how it’s supposed to work!).  We made several very difficult decisions this past year and the result is our Chapter is in a better financial state than it has been in quite some time.  Our social media presence is growing, our website is looking at some overhauls, and we are working on more and better ways to serve you and to be more easily-accessible for all the information you need.  A bit of freshening up and modernization, if you will.  And I’m excited that all of these initiatives will be passed to the capable hands of our incoming President, Mr. Steve Tossey, with whom I’ll be attending the Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) at the end of July.

Again, it has been my pleasure to hold this position and I hope I performed well in your collective view.  Thanks again, and I hope to see you all at meetings and events next year!


Pete Rasche - prasche@pedcoea.com - (513) 919-8796