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The President's Corner

Pete Rasche 

Thanks to everyone who attended our last meeting on Tuesday, November 13th, to hear ASHRAE Fellow, Cincinnati Chapter Member, and Region V Treasurer, Fred Betz, present on “Back to Basics Chiller Selection”.  I want to thank Fred again for stepping up on short notice, as several speaker options fell through at the last moment.  This is not to say Fred isn't worthy of being a first choice in any way!  But it's great to have a resource like Fred right here in our own Chapter. 

If you're like me, you can't believe it's already December.  With an early Thanksgiving and a whole week of November after it, it seems like my whole internal calendar is a mess.  But anyway….  

The good news is that once again we will have Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer as our guest speaker at our December meeting.  Paul always brings a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes knowledge of what's going on in the Cincinnati sports world to share, and goodness knows there's been a little going on… from Marvin and Hue to Billy Hamilton, FC, and the UC football turnaround, there should be a lot to talk about. 

Please make note that the December meeting has been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday!  We will meet on Wednesday, December 12.  Same place (Quality Hotel in Blue Ash, formerly the Crowne Plaza), same time (lunch served at 11:30), just a different day.  This was done to accommodate Paul Daugherty's travel schedule with the Bengals.  We hope it does not cause too much disruption with your schedule and you can still attend. 

December's meeting will also once again be our annual Past Presidents' Luncheon, where we will honor our past chapter presidents.  If you're a past Cincinnati chapter president, come and enjoy lunch on us as a way of annually saying thanks for your service. 

The link to registering online is here:


If you are a past president, we've added a line item for you to sign up for free so we have a head count, so please click through the link above.  If you don't want to do that, you can reply to Laura (the email in which you received this newsletter) and let her know you are coming. 

As always, we ask that everyone please register ahead of time, so we have an idea of attendance, even if you pay at the door when you arrive.  Online registration deadline is December 10th. 

Another piece of good news… if you check the calendar tab above, you will see that in April of 2019, the Cincinnati chapter is going to host the current Society (that's worldwide, folks) President, Sheila Hayter.  Her schedule may cause us to adjust our meeting to the following week, so we will let you know as soon as we know.  We hope to have a great turnout! 

As I mentioned last month, we would like to clean up our Chapter email list.  Every month there are a handful of emails which bounce when the newsletter is sent out, and we also occasionally hear about people who should be getting the newsletter but don't.  Do you know of people who are no longer with your company but our emails still arrive in their defunct inbox?  If so, please email me their name and the broken email.  Do our newsletters get caught in your company spam filter and you'd like to have them go to a home email address?  Same thing, send me the new address.  Do you know of people at your office who don't receive this newsletter (and you always have to forward it to them)?  Send me their name and email address and we'll be happy to add them.  Thanks! 

We are working on getting together both a YEA (Young Engineers) outing, as well as a Research Promotion social outing.  Keep an eye on your inbox for info regarding those. 

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions:

Pete Rasche - prasche@pedcoea.com - (513) 919-8796